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Rick Morrissey Gets It
October 20, 2007, 11:46 am
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If there was ever an endorsement for patience, this has to be it:

Chicago Tribune — Avoid Temptation: No Kobe (bold emphasis is mine, not Morrissey’s)

People expect immediacy these days. Cell phones, instant messages and liposuction sprang from impatience. So the possibility of acquiring Bryant looks like the probability of an instant championship to some of you.

But how much more fulfilling would it be if the Bulls’ nucleus stayed together and took another step forward?

I know: That kind of thinking is so yesterday, so wrapped up in patience.

But let’s look at it a different way. Which would you find easier to embrace? A championship with a Kobe-come-lately? Or a championship with three players whom the Bulls drafted and nurtured and developed?

Good question to ask and something I’ve been feeling for a while now. It WOULD be a hell of a lot more gratifying to see the Bulls come full circle from post-dynasty chumps to champs again with the dates they brought with them.

And that’s exactly because in my view the Bulls organization realizes that “rebuilding” entails allowing the seedlings to blossom on their own instead of ripping them up at the roots and replacing them with some kind of extra-pretty super flower that might poison the rest of what appears to be a carefully cultivated garden of NBA delights. I would think that master gardener John Paxson knows this (of course, Ben Gordon’s contract extension appears to be unresolved at this time too … we’ll see how that goes, but for the Bulls’ sake I’d love to see Gordon follow the example of his teammate, Kirk Hinrich, last season and finally sign that extension).

A player like Bryant brings star power and attention to the Bulls that hasn’t really been there since the Jordan years. Okay, Ben Wallace is a legitimate — and perhaps fading — star, but Kobe Bryant is the center of his own solar system, and yea though that sun burns bright, sometimes it threatens to immolate everything in its path. Is it worth the potential destruction of the Bulls for this?


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While I agree that it would be more gratifying for the Bulls to try to win without trading away their pieces, I think it is still a business and they might not pass up Kobe very easily. On the other hand, I am a Kobe fan, and it would be awesome if he could go to a good team like the Bulls, but there is no way they could get him without losing the pieces that make them a good team.

Comment by HEDOfloe

That’s what I’m afraid of, HEDOfloe … the Bulls are a good team and they’d certainly be more intimidating with Kobe. I just don’t know if its worth losing what the Bulls have so carefully nurtured for the last few years now.

Thanks, you’ve broken my comment virginity.

Comment by sterrapin

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