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October 29, 2007, 10:13 am
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He may be a little nuts, but its sort of difficult for me to disagree with Rasheed Wallace here. (Detroit News)

“I still don’t think they (Cavaliers) beat us, we beat ourselves,” Wallace said. “And I think we also fell victim to that personal NBA thing where they are trying to make it a world game and get (television) ratings. They wanted to put their darling in there (the NBA Finals) and they did, and look what ended up happening.”

The league’s darling, according to Wallace, was LeBron James, and what ended up happening were the worst ratings in the modern history of the NBA Finals.

“This game ain’t basketball anymore, it’s entertainment,” Wallace said. “It’s starting to get like the WWF. There ain’t no real wrestling anymore either. It’s all fake.”

It’s starting to get like the World Wildlife Fund? Obviously ‘Sheed is referring to the WWE, but it remains — I thought the last NBA Playoffs were a wee bit fishy — the Donaghy thing only emboldened my belief and in general, what for me is a love-hate relationship with the National Basketball Association: I love that its some kind of basketball. I hate that it increasingly appears phony in order to cater to casual fans and folks who only know who Bron-Bron and D-Wade are from reading People magazine.


It’s one day — or so — before the Blazers open their season versus San Antonio, and Nate McMillan still hasn’t decided who his point guard is. (The Oregonian)

Candidate One is incumbent Jarrett Jack, whose preseason statistics (12.0 ppg, 3.9 apg, 43.5% FG; 27 assists to 15 turnovers) are … decent. Candidate Two is Steve Blake, a free agent who returned to Portland, where he played — and started at PG — for a chunk of the 2005-2006 season before being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks the following summer and then the Denver Nuggets midway through last season. Blake’s numbers from the preseason (7.0 ppg, 3.5 apg; 35.9% FG; 21 assists to 13 turnovers) aren’t as good as Jack’s but could still be worse. My observations only here, but I’ve viewed the two like this: Jack is the better shooter, Blake perhaps a little better on the defensive end. It probably is a difficult decision for McMillan and I wouldn’t want to be him right now.

Since it is a day or so before Halloween, might I offer a tip from the world of the bizarre here? I say the Blazers’ next point guard will be some guy named Jarrett Blake (or Steve Jack?), who would be engineered from DNA samples collected from the locker-room shower from both guards and then taken to a mad genetic scientist. Surely Blazers owner Paul Allen — a nauseatingly rich man — could afford this, and, well, it would be a big deal to have the first cloned player(s?) in the National Basketball Association, no?

Unfortunately of course, one day probably isn’t enough time to teach the petri-dish PG things like speech, social graces and fundamental basketball, so my gut feeling is that PG might be determined by matchups and could be either guy. The article I linked made mention that Coach is a little bugged by how big a deal the media has made of this. The way I view it, this is a good problem for Portland to have — two quality players WITH STARTING EXPERIENCE who can handle the most important position on the floor (the Blazers also have Sergio Rodriguez and rookie Taurean Green that can play PG too, but are less experienced than Jack and Blake. Yet another PG, rookie Petteri Koponen, is fullfilling a military commitment in his native Finland).

UPDATE HERE: Jarrett Jack will start at PG in the season opener @ San Antonio. For what its worth, McMillan reportedly agonized over this … I reiterate my position as above: This is a good problem for Portland to have.


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