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“Will spikes impale my butt if I sit there?” Or: At least making Lloyd Noble Center look fuller.
November 13, 2007, 9:23 am
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Here and here (Sooner fan forum discussion of some issues at recent OU basketball games).

This is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it hurts like hell to see what looks like a young and VERY exciting men’s team playing their games in what seems like an empty house.

On the other hand, someone DID pay for those seats — paid big money for them, and in the off chance the owners of those seats decide to lend their moral support to the young Sooners by actually showing up to a game, then they should rightfully sit there (I say “actually showing up to a game” as opposed to, oh, just buying basketball tickets so they can get better football tickets — which is what they really want, or just being typical rich people and having their cake and eating it too).

But it would be nice to see those seats filled.

I would like to have an answer to the following question as I believe it to be an entirely justified one:

WHAT IS THE HARM IN LETTING THE PEOPLE MOVE DOWN FROM THE UPPER LEVEL TO THE UNOCCUPIED LOWER LEVEL SEATS AFTER THE FIRST TIMEOUT? If the real occupants/owners of those lower level seats happened to arrive and demand their seats, then those individuals could move to other seats — it isn’t like there aren’t a lot of them to go around. I remember being extremely irritated that I was not allowed to move down to the lower level for the two exhibition games Halloween week. Damned irritated. IT WAS AN EXHIBITION GAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Apparently Oklahoma is getting the message. For Monday’s game versus Alcorn State, fans WERE allowed to move from the upper level to the lower level. Good. Now let’s do this for games that will have high television exposure so that TV viewers don’t notice all those empty chairs behind the scorer’s table.


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