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Thematic Break: sterrapin vs. MySpace, Part Deux
November 18, 2007, 2:46 am
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I will beg and plead now.


My Profile

And please report it for abuse so that my account may be terminated.

I have gone through the appropriate channels more than once to cancel this account, they still have not cancelled my account. I am through being nice about it but I’d like to stop short of posting nudie pictures (a surefire way to get tossed) because I really don’t have time to look for any and I’m certainly not going to post any of myself (sorry).

And BTW, I put the remarks about Fox News there in an attempt to infuriate MySpace’s parent company … while I tend to be liberal-leaning and yes, abhor the Fox News Channel, I do actually consume more sources of news and try to make up my own mind about issues.

So come on please, you’d be doing me an incredible favor. I’m so sick of that site I can’t stand it anymore.

I also don’t want to junk up my new computer (the reason I’ve not been here lately — yes, being a bad Blog Mom again) with all that crap that permeates MySpace that makes my computer slooooooow.

Thank you kindly.


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