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Best Wishes to Hollis Price …
November 28, 2007, 10:17 am
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From a terrific Euroball blog called, not surprisingly, Ball In Europe (mental note: Add to blogroll) comes this item:

Hollis Price, a onetime NCAA Tournament Regional MOP (2002), Wooden All American (2003), and lots of other great accomplishments in an accolade-packed career at Oklahoma, was the victim of what is reportedly a racially-motivated attack in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he is currently the point guard for Lietuvos Rytas. Per the linked article above, some bystanders or whatever stepped in to aid Price and break up the fight, and reportedly he played in a game the following day.

Price was known — and well loved — during his Sooner years for his resiliency and grace in the face of adversity. No doubt those qualities will serve him well after this incident.

Since leaving OU in 2003, Price has had a very productive career overseas, with stints in France (LeMans, where he helped lead them to the 2004 French Cup), Germany (ALBA Berlin, and another championship cup in 2006), and Spain (Caja San Fernando). Currently with Vilnius Lietuvos Rytas, he’s averaging 19 ppg, 2.4 rpg and 4 apg. He’s also shooting 95% from the foul line, which is very old news to anybody who followed him as a Sooner.

As for his attackers, where are we really in a society where someone, or a group of someones, usually ignorant ones, find justification for beating up (or worse) someone else because of his skin pigment, ethnicity, sexual orientation or whatever other characteristic? Judging by the fact this still seems to be going on in the world, we as human beings still kind of suck at being human beings.


And on this day, this HAS to be asked — where was someone to step in while Sean Taylor was being accosted — and ultimately, murdered — at his home Monday? Without rehashing everything that’s fallen from the mouths of pundits on ESPN all day, nothing changes these basic facts: Taylor is dead, a family is mourning and criminals are to be found, and eventually tried and convicted, for killing him.


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