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Whatsamatta With Oklahoma, Take 1,659,134
November 28, 2008, 12:48 pm
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GREAT piece in the Oklahoma Daily (OU paper, duh). It starts with the columnist telling us about her high school teacher and goes from there.

The school board tried to get her fired. As did local churches, including mine.

And as did the principal.

In 2005, he asked her to sign the memo. It listed several points she must agree to, including:

“Understand that you work in a conservative community.”

“Stay on topic; be cautious with politics and sexual orientation situations with students.”

“Be careful with liberal and religious view points.”

And, the one that made me cry, “Remember who you work for and [the fact that] consistently being outside the box and parent complaints could cost you your teaching position.”

I suddnely realized I had been brought up in a community that forbids original thought.

I realized I had bought into the lie that it is a sin open your mind and just listen to what people who disagree with you say.

I realized my small community was a microcosm of the state of Oklahoma and that, as long as I stay here, the fact that I am a moderate who sympathizes with some — though definitely not all — liberal viewpoints will cause others to question my Christianity, my judgment and my intelligence.

I’m not gonna spoil the rest, but just go read it. If you read ONE thing this holiday weekend, between stuffing your face with leftovers and watching football, read this one. It’s a very heartfelt and sincere slice of what many Oklahomans are going through right now.

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