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Sunday Evening Random Missed Information

Good read here (WaPo) and here (The Disenchanted Forest) on Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana), the dreamy dream boy of Republicans looking for the anti-Obama for 2012. Hmmmm … I can’t help but think of “New Coke” for some reason here.


Guess the Thunder have to start a new streak now. Meanwhile, how much weight can Barack Obama throw around to get his desired eight-team college football playoff? Look, I don’t like the Longhorns either, but I don’t blame Longhorns fans one bit for feeling like they’ve been prison-raped by the BCS.

Was it because Oklahoma earned style points for scoring 60+ its last few games, while this weekend Texas Tech had to struggle for a comeback win against unranked Baylor(!) and Texas throttled an incredibly weak (and unranked) Texas A&M team the day after Thanksgiving? Does this explain it? Please? Hey, if I get kicked off of Blog Oklahoma for being unpatriotic or something, fine, but I’m not going to be one saying, “Yay, the Sooners are on the way to the Big 12 Championship Game (again)” without calling out the fact there’s gotta be a better way to settle the college football postseason.


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