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Crappy New Year, Everyone
December 31, 2008, 12:43 am
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I’m sorry, I feel like being a bitch and saying I TOLD YOU SO. The post is called “Are Six On the Way Out?” Scroll past the trade stuff and read the bullet points … although the trade stuff isn’t really surprising either, except for Desmond Mason’s name being kicked about in trade speculation. But … but … he’s an OSU Cowboy! He’s one of us (even if his college days are now really really really small in the rearview mirror, and he’s not really “one of us” since he was born in Waxahatchie, Texas.

I can’t say I enjoy seeing the Thunder get absolutely clowned on ESPN every night (that is, if ESPN bothers to even show highlights of whatever team the Thunder is playing against) because, in the eyes of some, by clowning the Thunder, by extenstion you also clown Oklahoma City (I don’t feel that way, but I know a few people that do. I thought Oklahoma as a whole has clowned itself pretty badly by turning extra extra red, but this isn’t a political post). You had to know that this wasn’t going to be a picnic — or instant respect for Oklahoma’s capital city. I hate to say it but OKC has had it coming given how the Thunder — once the Seattle Supersonics* — got here.

Let’s face it. The only sport that the majority of Oklahomans still care about is OU Sooners football — which itself has a lot to prove in the BCS Championship Game in a week against Florida. Did the owners of the Thunder (at least one of whom is a bigtime donor to his alma mater) think they’d really undo generation upon generation of college football love by bringing NBA basketball here?

What were they thinking?


*Footnote: This post is quite old and assumes an Oklahoma City team would play in the Southwest Division. The Thunder, in fact, are still part of the Northwest Division despite the fact they are now geographically nowhere near the Northwest. But neither are division rivals Denver and Minnesota. The NBA — Where Geographical Confusion Happens, I suppose.

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