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Cry, Baby, Cry. WAAAAAHHHH!!!! (Updated)
January 9, 2009, 11:23 pm
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Oh, great (you’ve seen some of the video on Olbermann, you’ve read about it at about probably half a dozen other places too, but I’ll only link 2 and the first link, which is from, is way way more interesting).

Now that Election ’08 (and ’08 itself) are history I was really hoping that Que Sarah Sarah would go back to Alaska and, I dunno, do her guv’ner thing, but I guess not. In fact the Cult of Sarah seems to have been emboldened (can’t help but notice you have to register and login to read a lot of the content. Is this perhaps the reason for that?)

But back to the first thing, the nine-minute video interview conducted by John Ziegler. Why does it not surprise me that someone who blames the “media” for her downfall would go cry about it to someone who is a member of the media (granted, a conservative-slanting documentarian, but still — media!)

We aren’t as dumb as we look, perhaps. When a sitting governor of a state can’t answer a *direct* question from CBS’ Katie Couric as to what newspapers she reads and which newspapers shape her worldview told most Americans that this perhaps shouldn’t be a person who would be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Why blame the media for dumping on Palin for coming off the way she did when all she had to do was open her mouth?

Maybe Palin *shouldn’t* go away from the limelight yet. She’s a very good illustration of the schism between “normal” Republicans and what the WaPo’s Kathleen Parker called the “evangelical, right wing oogedy-boogedy branch of the GOP.”

She’s very good at “removing all doubt,” if you know what I mean. And by removing all doubt, maybe the continued exposure to sunlight will cleanse the nation of the aforementioned “oogedy-boogedy” ones.

[UPDATE: Meant to add this LINK last night (Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic). Old but worth it as a refresher!]

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