The Last Thing the Internet Needs Now

Because Everybody Has to Be Good At *Something* (UPDATED 10.28.2008)

UPDATE: Gotta love these.


Texas A&M fans don’t have much to cheer about football-wise this season, but you wouldn’t know it from these smack videos from (via YouTube). Click the magick words for the Oklahoma State video.

Deadspin took notice on October 23:

Their football team may 2-5 and winless in their conference (and they haven’t even played Oklahoma or Texas yet), but the Texas A&M boosters behind are winning at least one battle this season. Their smack-talking YouTube videos are a surreal little slice of internet joy.

Click to see the Kansas State, Iowa State, and Texas Tech videos.

The OSU video was posted in late September and seems the most disappointing compared to the KSU and ISU videos, which are hilarious. I would have thought by the start of this season people had finally decided the press-rage, screaming, angry Mike Gundy rant of a year ago had finally exhausted its usable comedy material, and this attempt to lurch out every last precious drop of it seems a little halfhearted. Either way, at least OSU — largely the redheaded stepchild in this state when it comes to college football — has a good team to cheer for if it gets everybody’s mind off the loss of untold millions of Boone Pickens money, necessitating the postponement of OSU’s grand plans for whatever they were going to do with it.

Actually, the unfortunate news about Pickens’ donation probably would have made for more smack gold if the overall real-life situation (i.e., the fact that we’re careening head-first without a helmet into a deep recession/potential depression) wasn’t so starkly bleak.

Texas A&M took their report card home to Mommy and so far she’s sticking this to the refrigerator with a cheesy magnet:

18-14 loss against Arkansas State
28-22 win at New Mexico
41-23 loss against Miami (FL)
21-17 win against Army
56-28 loss at Oklahoma State
44-30 loss against Kansas State
43-25 loss against Texas Tech

with games upcoming versus Iowa State (as of right now this game could be billed as the Big 12 Toilet Bowl), Colorado, Oklahoma, at Baylor and at Texas. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the Aggies could go winless in conference. I anticipate and dread a little what the clever kids have in store for the Buffs, Bears, Sooners and Longhorns in video form.