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Cry, Baby, Cry. WAAAAAHHHH!!!! (Updated)
January 9, 2009, 11:23 pm
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Oh, great (you’ve seen some of the video on Olbermann, you’ve read about it at about probably half a dozen other places too, but I’ll only link 2 and the first link, which is from, is way way more interesting).

Now that Election ’08 (and ’08 itself) are history I was really hoping that Que Sarah Sarah would go back to Alaska and, I dunno, do her guv’ner thing, but I guess not. In fact the Cult of Sarah seems to have been emboldened (can’t help but notice you have to register and login to read a lot of the content. Is this perhaps the reason for that?)

But back to the first thing, the nine-minute video interview conducted by John Ziegler. Why does it not surprise me that someone who blames the “media” for her downfall would go cry about it to someone who is a member of the media (granted, a conservative-slanting documentarian, but still — media!)

We aren’t as dumb as we look, perhaps. When a sitting governor of a state can’t answer a *direct* question from CBS’ Katie Couric as to what newspapers she reads and which newspapers shape her worldview told most Americans that this perhaps shouldn’t be a person who would be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Why blame the media for dumping on Palin for coming off the way she did when all she had to do was open her mouth?

Maybe Palin *shouldn’t* go away from the limelight yet. She’s a very good illustration of the schism between “normal” Republicans and what the WaPo’s Kathleen Parker called the “evangelical, right wing oogedy-boogedy branch of the GOP.”

She’s very good at “removing all doubt,” if you know what I mean. And by removing all doubt, maybe the continued exposure to sunlight will cleanse the nation of the aforementioned “oogedy-boogedy” ones.

[UPDATE: Meant to add this LINK last night (Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic). Old but worth it as a refresher!]

Ol’ What’s Her Name And the Ska Treatment
October 24, 2008, 12:50 pm
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While in YouTube coma last weekend, fighting off a cold, I re-discovered this nearly 30 year old snotty, catchy chestnut in my favorites (I hardly ever go to YouTube — I was just bored and trying not to get sick and I had done all the crossword puzzles in the newspapers I had laying about) and, gosh darn it, I just can’t help but think about a certain Woman In the News.

If Sarah Palin had her way, millions of young women would be answering the musical question “ain’t you heard of contraception?” with blank faces and shrugging shoulders. To me that’s scary, but you know that because I’ve already written about it. But the madness goes on, with Sarah this and Sarah that and Sarah Wrap and Que Sarah, Sarah … if by some chance the Republican ticket gets elected (actually CNN is projecting Oklahoma to stay ruby red despite the pleas of the likes of Kurt Hochenauer), it’ll be a sick, sad triumph of red-meat fed reactionaries bent on starting Armageddon so they can get in the Meet ‘n’ Greet With Jesus Express Line, or at the very worst, turn some 40 years of progress with respect to race relations, gender relations, et cetera turned on its ear, and then I suppose having it lopped off like the dude in Reservoir Dogs. I don’t want to go backwards if I can help it, thanks. I’d also like to keep at least one of my ears because I need something to keep my glasses on.

If you watch any news channel or listen to NPR, you know all this crap and I’ll try not to belabor the tons of bricks that line the Bridge to Nowhere Insanity — the $150K shopping spree; the whole “real America” thing, and the generally ugly turn the campaign has taken.

Palin has — willingly or not — awakened something that’s been festering in the underbelly of the nation that is unwelcome. I admire that John McCain has asked people to be respectful of his opponent (and in general I admire and respect McCain for his naval service. That doesn’t change the fact I disagree with many of his policies and my vote’s going to Obama), but I’d be more inclined to believe him a little more if he’d take some duct tape and put it over Bible Spice’s sanctimonious, pandering piehole.

It’s been a fun ride I guess, this Campaign ’08, but now I’m sorta ready for it to be over and for those of us who should be the real “deciders” in this nation to just do it and move on and clean up all the shite. The idea of moving on will make me want to pogo the night away.


By the way, weren’t The Specials just all kinds of freakin’ brilliant?

Once upon a time, bands wrote songs with thought-provoking statements — or at least angry ones — and couched them in solid musicianship and, well crap, you could dance to it. Every li’l slice of goodness I linked in that above sentence is well worth your time. We need bands like this today in the here and now, srsly.

Sure She’s a “Women’s Candidate.” Assuming You’re Stuck In the 1950s.
October 5, 2008, 1:27 am
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It is hard to wrap my mind around the wide-eyed naivete of the multitudes who think that because Sarah Palin is a woman, that she’s a “women’s candidate.” This has probably been disproven time and again in the ensuing weeks as things about her have become exposed. I know it shouldn’t be hard to wrap my mind around it, but it is. How can people be so, for lack of a better word, dumb?

I hate that I was on self-imposed blog exile when Palin was chosen to be John McCain’s running mate, because everything there is for me to find disturbing about Palin has already been hashed out and beaten to death, especially this one: Palin’s policy stands on reproductive (no) choice and abstinence-only sex education versus her own teenage daughter’s pregnancy.

Gov. Palin, if abstinence-only sex ed works so well, is there any way for you to explain how your own daughter managed to get pregnant? And was it really *her* choice to decide to carry the child to term? And if she *really* had a choice, then Gov. Palin, why are you so willing to deny millions and millions of American women the same choice when they are faced with a risky or unexpected pregnancy? And I’d like to see you answer this directly and in detail — no consulting with your handlers, no queue cards. Woman to woman.

Let’s say that I was raped, and became pregnant as a result. Why should I be expected to carry the fetus to term and potentially put myself at health risk given my age (let alone being sexually assaulted)? Why should I be forced to carry to term a fetus that is the result of non-consensual sex, that will eventually grow into an adult that, once he/she learns how he came to be, might become a fuct-up-beyond-all-recognition psychopath that will probably have made the news after having, oh, say, went on a murder spree at Taco Bell and began using the bodies of the staff to make Nachos Bell Grande? Or at the least, just becomes another average fuct-up kid who winds up producing another unwanted child and allows the vicious circle to repeat?

Attention All Moralistic Scolds: YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STOP PEOPLE FROM HAVING SEX. PLEASE GET THIS THROUGH YOUR SKULLS EVEN IF YOU MUST USE A HAMMER. Since you aren’t going to stop these kids, already full of raging emotions as it is, from having sex isn’t the logical course of action to try to teach them about how to use certain products (read: birth control) to keep them from finding themselves in a position where they must consider what should be the utter last resort (read: abortion).

Abrupt end of rant because my hands are literally shaking.