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This Made Me Feel Sooooo Old
January 11, 2009, 5:30 am
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Oklahoma Lefty’s The Essential ’80s Alternative

Tremendous work and pretty comprehensive, an awesomazing primer on virtually all the stuff that today’s kids should be considering roots music. Although I chided (hopefully gently, I tried not to be mean, but that doesn’t always work) the author about one of my very favorite old bands not making the cut since their debut album was a relic from the bitter tail end of the 1970s (The Specials, whose debut came out in 1979. The link takes you to the song “Hey, Little Rich Girl,” which Amy Winehouse, in my view, utterly destroys despite her terrific voice. But you be the judge — I linked both versions).

I should have asked in my comment about my curiosity as to why 7 Seconds’ version of “99 Red Balloons” got listed there instead of  Nena‘s version (the English version of the song appears to have been removed from YouTube). It was a one hit wonder, sure, but when it was up there I remember it being all over MTV (when it was still, you know, interesting. It certainly isn’t now) and the radio. Hell, I still have the 45 rpm single (English on one side, German on the other).

Sadly, it’s a song that still carries some resonance in the post-Nine Eleven world. OTOH, the end of the world as we know it was never quite so catchy and sung by such a sexy little pop-tart.

Anyway go read it and the rest of Oklahoma Lefty‘s blog.

Ol’ What’s Her Name And the Ska Treatment
October 24, 2008, 12:50 pm
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While in YouTube coma last weekend, fighting off a cold, I re-discovered this nearly 30 year old snotty, catchy chestnut in my favorites (I hardly ever go to YouTube — I was just bored and trying not to get sick and I had done all the crossword puzzles in the newspapers I had laying about) and, gosh darn it, I just can’t help but think about a certain Woman In the News.

If Sarah Palin had her way, millions of young women would be answering the musical question “ain’t you heard of contraception?” with blank faces and shrugging shoulders. To me that’s scary, but you know that because I’ve already written about it. But the madness goes on, with Sarah this and Sarah that and Sarah Wrap and Que Sarah, Sarah … if by some chance the Republican ticket gets elected (actually CNN is projecting Oklahoma to stay ruby red despite the pleas of the likes of Kurt Hochenauer), it’ll be a sick, sad triumph of red-meat fed reactionaries bent on starting Armageddon so they can get in the Meet ‘n’ Greet With Jesus Express Line, or at the very worst, turn some 40 years of progress with respect to race relations, gender relations, et cetera turned on its ear, and then I suppose having it lopped off like the dude in Reservoir Dogs. I don’t want to go backwards if I can help it, thanks. I’d also like to keep at least one of my ears because I need something to keep my glasses on.

If you watch any news channel or listen to NPR, you know all this crap and I’ll try not to belabor the tons of bricks that line the Bridge to Nowhere Insanity — the $150K shopping spree; the whole “real America” thing, and the generally ugly turn the campaign has taken.

Palin has — willingly or not — awakened something that’s been festering in the underbelly of the nation that is unwelcome. I admire that John McCain has asked people to be respectful of his opponent (and in general I admire and respect McCain for his naval service. That doesn’t change the fact I disagree with many of his policies and my vote’s going to Obama), but I’d be more inclined to believe him a little more if he’d take some duct tape and put it over Bible Spice’s sanctimonious, pandering piehole.

It’s been a fun ride I guess, this Campaign ’08, but now I’m sorta ready for it to be over and for those of us who should be the real “deciders” in this nation to just do it and move on and clean up all the shite. The idea of moving on will make me want to pogo the night away.


By the way, weren’t The Specials just all kinds of freakin’ brilliant?

Once upon a time, bands wrote songs with thought-provoking statements — or at least angry ones — and couched them in solid musicianship and, well crap, you could dance to it. Every li’l slice of goodness I linked in that above sentence is well worth your time. We need bands like this today in the here and now, srsly.