The Last Thing the Internet Needs Now

These Are Some Sites I Visit, and You Should Too (updated 11.08)

It is what it is.
TrueHoop (Henry Abbott)
Ball in Europe (duh, Eurohoops)
AOL Fanhouse
Deadspin (the godfather of sports humor blogs)
Bend It Like Bennett (the Thunder blog for the rest of us)
The Unrelatedness
Free Darko
Edge of Sports (Dave Zirin’s new-and-improved site)
Oklahoma Sooners Official Athletics Site
Maryland Terrapins Official Athletics Site

Oklahoma Stuff:
Blog Oklahoma
Okie Funk (Kurt Hochenauer)
Oklahoma Independent Media Center
The Lost Ogle
Irritated Tulsan
Oklahoma Rock Newsblog
KGOU/KROU (NPR for Central Oklahoma — visit them and donate if you can)

Stuff You Should Be Reading:
Mother Jones
Peace Arena
Daily Kos
Media Matters For America
The Nation
Pam’s House Blend

Other Stuff:
Last Days of Man on Earth
The FAIL Blog (now part of the Cheezburger network)

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